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What are CC’s (Calypso Credits)?

Calypso credits are used to play the variety of games on the Queen Calypso site, each Credit is of the value of $1 USD. You’ll find the best casino here, you have time to get it!

Every time a member joins and deposits a new gaming establishment they will receive a signing fee of X amount of CC’s. The CC’s are added to your running total and you may withdraw at any time, a minimum amount of 50CC. Go to our website and get best casino online australia. Hurry up to go and start winning.

Every month you join a promo you will be added for the monthly prize draw for iphone, ipad and many other gadgets .However you may only get one signup fee per gambling brand.

The non- members  and members sites will show a running total of the top 10 highest credited members. This is displayed as a small competition box in a corner. The highest credited member per month gets a prize or incentive.

So why not join now to get your free credits and start having some fun, at the best gaming comparison site on the net ?

Best of Luck.